Our Plant

Our plant is designed to receive your raw product straight from the field. Our Clipper Cleaner, Oliver Gravity and Satake Color Sorter can process and sort according to color, size, and grade. We have over 40 sorting screens available and can customize screens as well. After processing, we package and ship final cleaned product to packagers, canners, hummus manufacturers, or other food companies for further processing.

How the process works:

- Raw product from the field is brought to the plant in hopper bottom trailers.
- Each truck is weighed, sampled and graded.
- Product is stored in the outside storage bins.
- Product is conveyed into the processing area where equipment will remove foreign material, sort, and grade.
- Processing continues with an air screen cleaner that removes everything larger, smaller and lighter than the product.
- It is then conveyed to two gravity separators that remove everything lighter and heavier by density.
- All product then goes through our color sorter, which will remove any miscolored beans.
- Sorted product is conveyed to bagging bin for packaging.
- Product goes by magnets as well as a metal detector before entering the bulk tote bags.
- Each bag is weighed and tagged with a lot number for identification.
- The foreign material is conveyed back outside and stored.
- It can be brought back inside later and reprocessed for a lesser quality product or animal feed.
- If requested, SPE can ship final bagged product by truck or rail.